Welcome to Abstractabstract.com and thanks for visiting.

Let’s deal with the elephant in the room first….why is this website Abstractabstract.com and not http://www.abstract.com/? No, my abstract photos aren’t twice as abstract as standard abstract photos but rather as the website abstract.com is already in use, possible domain squatting.

You can find more information about this website and who I am (Patrick Dinneen, Cork born, Galway based photographer) on my About page but I’ll provide some information into how this website came to life here.

Back in 2007 after my fist child, Emma, was born I bought a DSLR to capture good quality photos of her. This re-awoke my passion for photography and led me to creating an extremely basic WordPress blog- https://pacork.wordpress.com./ As my photography skills and followers grew I began a ‘proper’ website entitled http://photoblog.ie This contains an eclectic mix of photos but after time I noticed that a considerable amount of these were abstract & also abstract was becoming my favourite style of photography. So, in parallel to http://photoblog.ie I decided to create a dedicated abstract website and hence this website was born.

In this blog section you can expect to see, among other things, posts on how find the inspiration for an abstract photo, the processing I undertake to turn an image into the final abstract photo, information on any upcoming exhibitions. If you have any ideas or suggestions for posts please feel free to suggest them!

Thanks again for visiting!